Enjoy the Rest of Summer and Save More Money! (: 

Friday, July 29, 2011 8:50:52 AM

Summer is almost over and by now most of us have probably let our summer spending spiral out of control. Money may be tight, but with just a few of these summer spending tips you can save BIG!

•Tip 1: Hit up a matinee instead of the evening show

The average cost of a movie ticket is right around $10.00; meanwhile, you can see the same movie for half the cost if you go to the daytime showing (matinee prices are usually good till 3pm). If you're willing to go to the theater during daytime hours you'll be saving enough to cover the cost of the overpriced popcorn and soda you wouldn't have been able to purchase before. There are also some local theaters that can save you big. Movies 10 in North Canton shows movies that are two weeks old at only $1.50 a movie! Also at a theater in Ken you can get free popcorn is only $5.00 on Mondays.
Total Savings: up to $5.00
•Pack your own snacks for road trips and amusement parks
Mini-marts and amusement parks are notorious for marking up the price of food to cover the cost of convenience. Instead of stopping on your next road trip to stock up on snacks and candies, stop at your local grocery store ahead of time and buy your favorite snacks to take with you. You can also save big by packing lunch on your next big trip to Cedar Point. This year I saved over $30.00 on lunch and snack expenses while at the park just by packing lunch from home.
Total Savings: $10.00 - $30.00 per trip
•Stop buying video games and start using GameFly instead
When school is out many people, including me will play video games a lot more than usual. Video games become very expensive especially if you're buying a brand new game every month. Each new game can cost up to $60.00! For some people this cost is just too much to handle. If you're looking for a cheaper way to enjoy all the best new video games try subscribing to GameFly. Instead of $50.00 a game, you're paying a set monthly price of $10.00 for three games at a time. When one of them is all played out, simply send it back and swap it for a new one.
Total Savings- $40.00-$50.00 a month (based on one new game per month)
•Local festivals and carnivals are your friends
Concert tickets can be very expensive, as well as large festivals out of town. To cut down on this cost, local festivals are the way to go. Lots of local festivals offer the excitement of a big festival, but at half the cost. Rockin' on the River is a local festival in Cuyahoga Falls that offers free concerts every Friday during the summer months. It offers all the excitement of a concert/festival environment, but at no cost. Lock 3 in downtown Akron also offers the same Friday night festival during summer.
Total Savings- $50.00-$300.00 per festival/concert
•Enjoy the outdoors!
Vacations can be so expensive these days. Hotels, food, entertainment, and souvenirs may add up to way more than you can afford. So enjoy the one thing that is free; the beautiful outdoors! Camping is a great way to get away and relax without spending too much money. Many national parks offer free campsites, or ones that are very affordable. For a shorter trip, enjoy a day or hiking and canoeing.
Total Savings- $200.00 +